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We are really committed to health
A real support for the patients and their families
Our tools are excellent to complement
communication plan

Over the past two decades, we have distributed more than 2 millions of copies to hospitals, doctors' practices, dispensaries and schools; they are divided into more than a hundred themes, some are translated into the most common languages (English, Spanish, German, Portuguese) and others in local African languages (Swahili, Hausa, Chichewa...) or Malagasy, thus reaching a large number of countries. Our publications are aimed mainly at areas where a need for further knowledge and communication is evident, particularity the health sector which is our priority.
Their objectives are:
  • therapeutic education,
  • health education,
  • Disease prevention
The goal is to make comprehension easier when the message is difficult to transmit.
Thanks to a realistic scenario inspired by experience and discussion with concerned persons, the information we develop is easily understood.

In that case, the strip cartoon turns to be the quite suitable tool for audiences of all ages.
The scenario enables interactivity by putting emphasize on questions and concerns of the patients and their family circle. 

To insure accuracy and topicality of the medical and scientific data that are developed, we bring together, for every theme, a reading committee composed of specialists and general practitioners as well as different caregivers.
Our publications are also used for public health programmes in developing countries (Africa, Asia and Latin America).
As part of that we work in collaboration with Health and Education Ministries so as to identify their specific needs and to adapt or create publications which take into consideration local culture and, if necessary, to translate them into the most commonly spoken language.
Besides, in order to preserve the economy of the countries with which we collaborate, we work with cartoonists, printers and other local partners.